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Our story takes place in Harlem, New York City

In this diverse area of haves and have-nots, Benny, an eccentric homeless man, has a most interesting outlook. Benny believes in hope, and he sees the best in people. Benny's friend "King" George pushes a shopping cart with a makeshift castle fashioned from cardboard.

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Olivia is a ten-year-old naturally gifted musician, who makes the violin come alive with ease. She lives with her mother Jen, who suffers her own pain and largely ignores Olivia's very existence.

Alton is a former college professor in his forties who wallows in self-pity since the death of his wife. He is a recluse who has not left his brownstone in many years. He orders food and supplies via delivery and avoids contact with even the delivery people. He drinks and suffers in his own cloistered existence.

A gang of four – Cochise, Scooter, Lenny, and Twitch (all 16-17 years old) – are lost in their own world of selfishness and survival. They swear and demand allegiance to each other above all else and their recalcitrant behavior separates them from their families and their potential. Their gang mentality is multi-generational but not unbreakable.

Where there is gang behavior, there are police. Sergeant Collins, a member of the NYPD in his forties, has been around the block. He knows the gang and the generation that came before them. His young partner Brock is learning the ropes alongside his capable partner.

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Lives intersect on a winter night...

Over a few weeks before Christmas, Benny, who searches for food in the trash, gets attacked by the gang of four after witnessing a robbery. He ultimately finds refuge in Alton's apartment, and uses his unusual style and sensibilities to engage, motivate, and set this group of isolated and lost souls on a collision course to help each other and find their true potential and just rewards.

Is Benny an angel? He and "King" George have an unusual way of interacting with everyone. Benny talks about his "mission" and George delivers a message to Alton that could explain everything.

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