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Darren Pirozzi & Quinn Early


Darren and Quinn grew up in Great Neck, New York and have been lifelong friends. They were fortunate enough to be raised in an area that allowed them to have friends of all different races, religions, and ethnicities. They shared a passion for the same types of movies, tv shows, and music. After graduating college and by sheer chance, Darren and Quinn ended up in San Diego, California. While in San Diego, Quinn played in the NFL for the San Diego Chargers and went on to have a successful career as a wide receiver before, ultimately, transitioning into a career in Hollywood as an actor, stuntman, and producer. Meanwhile, Darren was busy attending law school and has since enjoyed a successful career as a trial attorney. In fact, in 2015, Darren was named the California Trial Lawyer of the Year, for an outstanding case verdict, which at the time, was the second-largest verdict in the United States for personal injury.

It was by coincidence that years later, they found out that they both had been writing screenplays. It was natural that these two men would collaborate on a project.

In The Angel of Harlem, Alton and Benny's relationship is based loosely on the classic 70s show, "The Odd Couple." Like Felix and Oscar, Alton and Benny always seem like they are at odds. However, at the end of the day, it is clear that they still care for each other. The Angel of Harlem was influenced by Darren and Quinn's love of classic movies such as "It's a Wonderful Life." The character of Benny is one of those magical characters like Forrest Gump or Chance from "Being There" that seem to connect with everyone around them and change their lives for the better. It was important for Darren and Quinn to remind everyone that we are all apart of each other's story. The hope is that The Angel of Harlem will make you laugh, cry, and always remember that we are all connected.

Ghizlane Morlot


Ghizlane S. Morlot's first step as a director was shooting a feature documentary about renowned artist Trimpin. Since then, she has gone on to write and direct several narrative shorts, all featuring trouble women on the verge of a nervous breakdown. A native from Morocco and France, Morlot finds inspiration in Spanish director Pedro Almodovar's masterpieces about psychotic women and transgender people. Morlot received an M.F.A. in Television and Screenwriting from Stephens College, Columbia, MO. She was granted a fellowship by the Alliance of Women Directors in Los Angeles and participated in a six-month directing workshop with USC School of Cinematic Arts' Associate Professor Jennifer Warren, as part of a diversity initiative supporting women in film.

In the fall of 2019, Morlot shadowed producer/director Randy Zisk (pre-production and production) on the set of "Almost Family" (Fox Television). During the 2021 pandemic, Morlot directed "Snow on the Farm," a comedy web-series featuring women, chickens (mostly female), and goats (YouTube, IGTV).

In 2020, Morlot co-founded a production outfit in Los Angeles called Countess Films with her producing partner Jean-François Cavelier. Countess Films is set to focus primarily on feature film projects that allow for women's voices to be heard while opening opportunities to tell more inclusive stories.

Shortly thereafter, Countess Films entered into a producing agreement with production and distribution company Pollack Films. Under that agreement, Morlot is attached to direct her debut feature-length film Meet Me in the Kitchen at Midnight, a dramedy about yet another woman on the edge, followed by the heart-warming holiday feature The Angel of Harlem with principal photography scheduled for 2023.


Michael Pollack


Michael Pollack has held leadership positions for more than 35 years in the legal, financial, and entertainment industries. Michael is the founder and former President of a litigation support firm that is today part of an international group of companies. He has held directorship positions for more than a dozen financial institutions that are both private and publicly held. Specializing for decades in M&A and Turnaround Management, he has spearheaded tens of billions of dollars of financing in commercial real estate, business, and entertainment-related transactions.

Michael is the Chairman and CEO of Pollack Films and a managing partner of APW Film Partners. He has been involved in the production of theatre and screen features for more than 35 years.

Michael's current projects include the feature films Delfino's Journey, Major, The Black Cyclone, Poe: The Poet, Cold Feet: A Wedding Tale, A Six Gun for the Devil, Meet Me in the Kitchen at Midnight, and The Untitled Chic Harley Project. In addition, Michael's company Pollack Films is developing an exciting new episodic television series slated for 2023.

Jean-François Cavelier


Originally from Paris, France, Jean-François Cavelier has over 33 years of experience in international film and TV sales/distribution and production. He is an astute business executive with a strong combination of cross-functional and cross-cultural experience in sales.

Cavelier has been active over his long career in the acquisition and distribution of media content in Mainland China and Latin America, as well as in the distribution of Hollywood content to the global markets. Cavelier has handled the world sales of hundreds of titles including, among others, The Watcher starring Keanu Reeves, Marisa Tomei, and James Spader, released domestically by Universal Pictures on 3,000 screens.

He has also acted as a Producer for the biggest budget feature film ever produced in China called Air Strike (budget: $70M), a WW2 epic film, for which he negotiated the hire of Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson respectively as Lead Actor and Co-Director.

In 2020, Cavelier co-founded a production outfit in Los Angeles called Countess Films with his producing partner Ghizlane Morlot. Countess Films is set to focus primarily on feature film projects that allow for women's voices to be heard while opening opportunities to tell more inclusive stories.


Arthur Allan Seidelman


Arthur is one of the independent film world's most acclaimed directors. He has directed over 50 films and 20 television series. Arthur's most recent films include Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks, with Gena Rowlands, Cheyenne Jackson, and Jacki Weaver, and The Sisters, starring Mario Bello.

Arthur directed the Alan Menken and Lynn Ahrens film musical A Christmas Carol, starring Kelsey Grammer and Jane Krakowski, and Puerto Vallarta Squeeze, starring Scott Glenn and Harvey Keitel. One of Arthur's first films was the iconic comedy that introduced Arnold Schwartzenegger to film, Hercules in New York.

Honors include two Emmys, five Emmy nominations, the Grand Prize from the New York Film and Television Festival, prizes from the Chicago, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Heartland Film Festivals, the Humanitas Award, Peabody Award, Western Heritage Award, and three Christopher Awards.

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